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3% Body Cream

3% Body Cream

Karin Herzog 3% Body Cream is one of my all time favorite products.  It is hydrating and the 3% Oxygen kills the bacterial that causes acne and germs.  I feel every home should have this product.  My son was raised on the 3% Body Cream.When one of us got hurt or scratched, we reach for the 3% Body Cream.  It promotes healing, kills he germs and is calming.  Also post surgery to help you heal and keep away infection.

Back acne may be caused by many things such as, diet, hereditary, sweating and much more.   The 3% Body helps to soothe the skin, kill the bacteria and promote healing.  It is important to apply to clean skin and be sure there is no picking this area.  Picking at acne causes even more bacteria to enter the wound and healing may take much longer and can cause scarring.

I also love the 3% Body Cream for my hands.  It keeps them hydrated all day.  Apply in the AM and you are set.  Perfect for men also that use their hands in their work.  The 3% Body will heal rough hands, kill the bacteria and help any small nicks and cuts.  It is a must have product for you.

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3% Body Cream by Karin Herzog is the one product you need to keep in your home.  It heals the skin, hydrates, kills the bacteria that causes acne and is helpful to use on your hands to keep them soft, hydrated and germ free.  My son was raised on 3% Body Cream.  Whenever he was scratched or hurt himself, the 3% Body Cream is the first thing we reached for.  As an adult today, it is still the same.

Pure oxygen and fragrance free, Oxygen Body 3% is a body cream with boundless uses, including helping athletes build and repair muscles.

Its self massaging effect creates a micro-massage of the tissues, as the oxygen is pushed into the skin stimulating the circulation, hydrating and softening.

Oxygen Body 3% helps athletes as it builds muscle during training for endurance and tone, neutralizes lactic acid and is invaluable for sores blisters and aches and pains whilst training and when running. And we know what we’re talking about, having had the product certified and passed by the International Olympic Committee.

The cream is also used by doctors to speed up the healing process; and can be used as a general and natural mild antiseptic cream. It combats the feeling of heavy legs and promotes healthy skin all over the body.

It’s also an efficient detoxifying cream and a skin disinfectant. At a time when pollution and infection are on the increase, it’s good to know there’s a natural and safe product that helps your skin AND keeps bacteria and infections at bay.

Oxygen Body 3% applied regularly to the lymph nodes on the body can help to cleanse and stimulate and so enhance this vital system, used by the body to manage and eliminate toxins.

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3% Cream by Karin Herzog is to me one of the finest products ever made.  It hydrates the body, kills bacteria and helps clear back acne.  It is wonderful on the hands and nails.  I use it also to kill the bacteria when I have an injury or after surgery for healing.   This cream is good for everything. It helps to minimize bruising also.

Use in the morning and evening and your skin will always be hydrated.  This is the product if I were on a desert island I would take.  The 3% Cream is also healing on sunburns and on burns in general.  Instant relief and healing.

Karin Herzog makes a wonderful foot cream.  I love the 3% Body on my feet too.  No more dry cracked feet.  Just soft hydrated skin. Trust me when I say you need this cream.

To purchase, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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It is Karin Herzog 3% Body Cream or Karin Herzog Hand and Nail Cream that you need to keep your hands and nails in the best, most healthy condition.

Use once in the morning and again at night and your hands will stay hydrated and soft to the touch. No more chapped hands.  Also if you have paper nicks or problem areas from your daily life, it will help heal this also.

As an esthetician, my hands are always in water.  My hands stay soft and healthy.  I feel everyone should have hands that are comfortable to the touch.   Who wants to hold hands with someone that has rough, dry hands.  Male or Female, either one of the Karin Herzog products are perfect for you.

To purchase these products, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Karin Herzog Oxygen Products are also wonderful for the body.  Their products with 3% and 4% Oxygen help to firm the skin, helps with the lympatic system, and with Cellulite.  3% Body Cream and Silhouette Cream 4% Oxygen.   These 2 incredible products hydrate the skin, kill the bacteria that causes acne and the 4% helps massage those areas that have cellulite.

When  you have the higher levels of oxygen  it helps massage the skin and penetrate below the surface where you need it. Through the 15 years I have been involved with Karin Herzog, I have seen so many miracles from these products.

To purchase, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Karin Herzog Oxygen Products are perfect in all the seasons.  For summer, keep your skin hydrated and bacteria free.  If you over do it in the sun, add a little 3% Body Cream to help heal and calm the skin.    As we go into fall, the Essential Mask will hydrate your skin and keep it vibrant.

The Vita A Kombi products are a must for everyone.  They are a moisturizer treatment and keeps your skin youthful and protected.

Oxygen Face Cream and Mild Scrub to help with blemishes and to keep the pores clean.   This is for summer and winter use.  All year round.  My son started on these products at 10, now he is 24 and still using them.

Apply a little Body Shimmer for extra hydration and a special glow.  Summer, holidays, evening, to enhance your tan.  Anytime. Smells divine.

To purchase these products, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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One thing that makes me crazy as an esthetician is people that do not care for their hands.   I give a hand massage during my facials, and you would be surprised how many women that let their hands become dry, rough, and almost untouchable.  Men, you are included in this also.

There is no reason your hands should feel like this. Even if you work hard daily and your hands take a beating.  There is hope.  Picture your spouse or loved on holding your hand.  Are they going to remark, that your hand feels soft, or are they going to think that your hands are a turn off.

One of the best products in the world is Karin Herzog 3% Body Cream.  This will heal your skin , hydrate it and make the skin soft.  Plus it kills the bacteria.  All this in one cream.  Great for back acne also.

Karin Herzog Hand and Nail Cream. This will hydrate the hand and nail area.   Add a little Karin Herzog Vita A  Kombi Facial Oil and for sure you will have hydrated hands.

The nice thing about these products, is the cream will stay with you all day.  They penetrate and do not rub off.  No need to apply throughout the day.  Morning and Night are all you need.

To purchase these products or for more information, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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