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JoElla Milan knows this product line better than anyone and is very helpful in putting a program together for you.  I have the full Karin Herzog Oxygen Facial, that is used in the spa’s, on my website.   It is discounted 10%.  At checkout you save another 10%.   The products will last approximately 4 months. ” Less is Best, More is not better.”  So you just need a small amount to reap the benefits of the Karin Herzog Line.

To purchase these products and Save, please go to my website http://karinherzog-jmilan.com (more…)

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Karin Herzog is one of the best anti-aging product lines on the market.  It is also one of the best products for treating acne.  It hydrates the skin and kills the bacteria that causes acne.  These are the keys to better, more healthy and youthful  skin.

I have been involved with this product line for more than 15 years.  I know everything about Karin Herzog and how the products work.   The products are unique and completely different than any other product line.

Don’t be fooled by other lines that claim to have oxygen.  Most of them don’t.  Karin Herzog is proven by tests and years of miracles.  Dr. Paul Herzog invented the artificial respirator. His whole life was working with oxygen.   His wife Karin who is an esthetician realized the benefits of Dr. Herzogs oxygen products while working on her clients skin.

You may purchase products individually or in money saving kits.  I put together kits with products that work well together.   With the kits you save an automatic 10%  and another 10% off at checkout.  I also have kits that give you the products you need to do an oxygen facial.  Just like at the top spas.  Do it in the privacy of your own home.

To purchase these products, please go to my website: http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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I have a great secret for the Karin Herzog Skin Care Line.   It is a hydrating, firming mask that will make you look instantly hydrated and a more firmer look to the skin.

Apply the Essential Mask by Karin Herzog to your face.  Then mix and apply the Masque One by Fanie International.  You mix it with Tru Skin.  Apply with a brush over the entire face and eyelids. 

The masque will firm over the next 20 to 30 minutes.  You will feel your skin pulsate as it is being massaged deep within from this incredible mask.    The masque will harden and be firm to the touch.

After approximately 20 to 30 minutes, massage with a little water and Tru Skin and then rinse. Your skin will look and feel so wonderful.   If you do this treatment once a week you will stay firm and hydrated.

To purchase these products, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Anti-Aging Secret

Anti-Aging Secret

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Do the famous oxygen facial at home. Buy the products on my website https://karinherzog-jmilan.3dcartstores.com/Karin%20Herzog_bymfg_1-1-4.html  Regulary $221.00, now $199.00

Chose from either the Milky Cleanser or Professional Cleansing Cream. Cleans off make up and helps remove impurities in the skin
Mild Scrub. The best scrub on the market.  Lightly exfolites the skin.  For any skin type. Polishes and removes dead skin cells.
Oxygen Face Cream  Apply as a mask to the whole face.  Apply 3 strips of plastic wrap across the forehead, nose, cheeks and from bottom lip down over chin.  Do not apply over the nostril area.  Leave on 10 minutes, then rinse.
Vita A Kombi Facial Oil.  Lightly massage the facial oil over the skin.
Essential Mask  Apply the Essential Mask over the Facial Oil as a mask.  Re-apply the plastic strips of the same area.  You may leave on from 10 to 20 minutes.  Then rinse.
Vita A Kombi. You may finish with a very light amount of Vita A Kombi to finish.  Just the size of a pearl.   You will be hydrated and beautiful.
Directions for Karin Herzog Oxygen  Facial
Cleanse the skin with whichever cleanser you have chosen.  Lightly massage the skin and rinse. If you are using the Professional Cleansing Cream, emulsify the cleanser with water on your fingertips, until it turns into a clear gel.  Then massage the face.  You just need a small amount.  remove with a wet cloth or cotton pads. Your skin will be soft and moist.
Mild Scrub.  Lightly massage the skin with the Mild Scrub and rinse
Oxygen Face Cream.  Apply The Oxygen Face Cream as a  Mask to the entire face except the eyebrows and eye area.  To really increase the results, apply 3 strips of plastic wrap on the skin.  One over the forehead, one over the nose area.  Leave the nostrils clear to breathe.  One strip from the bottom lip to the neck.  Lay down and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.  This will soften the sebum in the skin   Then rinse.
Vita A Kombi Facial Oil.  Lightly massage the skin with your facial oil.  Lightly blot.
Essential Mask.  Then apply the Essential Mask over the blotted facial oil  Reapply the same plastic strips.  Leave on for 10 minutes.  Rinse
Vita A Kombi.  Then apply a light amount of Vita A Kombi for your final moisturizer.  Your skin will be hydrated, polished and healthy.
For added results, apply the Karin Herzog Eye Cream.

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