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3% Cream by Karin Herzog is to me one of the finest products ever made.  It hydrates the body, kills bacteria and helps clear back acne.  It is wonderful on the hands and nails.  I use it also to kill the bacteria when I have an injury or after surgery for healing.   This cream is good for everything. It helps to minimize bruising also.

Use in the morning and evening and your skin will always be hydrated.  This is the product if I were on a desert island I would take.  The 3% Cream is also healing on sunburns and on burns in general.  Instant relief and healing.

Karin Herzog makes a wonderful foot cream.  I love the 3% Body on my feet too.  No more dry cracked feet.  Just soft hydrated skin. Trust me when I say you need this cream.

To purchase, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Karin Herzog will help pamper your feet for summer.   Their wonderful Foot Oil and Foot Cream give the ultimate treatment to keep your feet beautiful and healthy.    Apply the Foot Oil for extra pampering.   I like to put it on under my socks when I wear my work out shoes, so I feel the oil working while I am going on my day.  Also before going to bed at night.

The Karin Herzog Foot Cream has 2% oxygen.   It hydrates the skin, kills the bacteria, helps with odor, and keeps feet healthy and soft.  Everyone sees your feet when you are wearing your sandals, at the pool or beach.  Take pride in how they look.

To purchase these products, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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