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Karin Herzog, the Original

Karin Herzog, the Original

Why use Karin Herzog?   Dr. Paul Herzog, the creator, was a Noble Prize honoree for his work with Oxygen.  It was his whole life.  Karin Herzog products are the original, patented, proven formulas used and supported by Doctor’s and dermatologist’s globally.

Karin Herzog is not about marketing or inventing creams for the sake of it they only want true results. No other cream, to this date has the remarkable ability to self massage itself deep within the tissues. There are many companies that have tried to copy it, but all have been unsuccessful. Not developed as a cosmetic but an aid to sterilization in medical applications. Amazing cosmetic results, forced the formula to become a truly advanced, medical grade, skin care range.

Different from any other products because of oxygen and vitamin A. Karin Herzog are the only creams available that can trap oxygen and push it into the skin and have been proven to work by using a medical Oxygen Analyzer. We have documented clinical trials to prove the efficiency of the products and not one but two global patents for delivering oxygen and vitamin A to the cells proving these creams really are genuine.

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