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Many times people ask me which product to chose, Oxygen Face Cream or Choco 2 by Karin Herzog.  Both products are excellent and do similar things to the skin.

Oxygen Face Cream is an amazing product and is great for everyone.  It contains oxygen, but no vitamin A or E.  It is a pure emulsion with oxygen.  It softens the sebum, kills the bacteria, hydrates the skin, unclogs the pores, and keeps acne in control.  It is also very healing on post peel skin, burns, and any skin care malady.    We always suggest it for younger skin and for pregnant skin, due to the minimal ingredients and no vitamin A.

The Choco 2 also is helpful to unclog the pores and kill the bacteria.  It contains a small amount of chocolate which is beneficial for the skin.  It also has C, D; calcium; magnesium and potassium.  When it is suggested for skin over 30, it is due to these extra vitamins.

Both products may be used as a moisturizer or mask.  You may use each in a facial which will help soften the sebum in the pores.   The choice is up to you.  If you are sensitive, then the Oxygen Face Cream is a better choice.  The Oxygen Face Cream is excellent for rosacea also, as it helps to kill the bacteria while hydrating the skin.

To purchase these products, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com Click on Karin Herzog in the pull down menu.

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Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate

Karin Herzog makes 3 wonderful Chocolate Products. 

*Chocolate Cleaning Cream

Karin Herzog’s great Professional Cleansing Cream with a wonderful Chocolate feel and smell.  The Cleansing Cream helps remove makeup and leaves your skin soft and dewy.  Helps to clean clogged pores.

* Choco 2

Choco 2 contains oxygen to kill the bacteria and heal the skin.  It smells like a wonderful chocolate late.  You may use Choco 2 as a mask to soften the sebum and unclog the pores.  It kills the bacteria, so you are also healing breakouts without drying the skin.   Choco 2 is also a moisturizer.  Use just a small amount as your moisturizer and leave it on the skin.

*Chocolate Comfort Cream

Apply as a daily cream to hydrate the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth to the touch.  If  you like chocolate, the fragrance stays with you. Yummy all day long.

You may purchase these individually or in a kit that will save you 10%.  Visit my website.  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com/Karin-Herzog-3-Piece-Chocolate-Kit_p_23-231.html for more  information.

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