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khoxygenfaceI have been with Karin Herzog almost 20 years.  Oxygen Face Cream has been a top selling product since then.   It is such a great product for all ages.  The main focus on Oxygen Face Cream is that it is very helpful in softening up the sebum before extractions.   It makes it so much easier to clean out the pores once the Oxygen Face Cream has done its work.  Plus it kills the bacteria that causes breakout.

We suggest you purchase this products for teens and young people.  It is also excellent for pregnant women since it does not contain Vitamin A.   The price point is excellent and a tube should last several months or longer.   Even adults may use it.  It is helpful in keeping the pores clean. It contains 2% oxygen so it is very hydrating for the skin.

Kate Middleton makes this one of the products she uses in her skin regime.   She is the perfect person that you can tell lives a healthy lifestyle.   She is a wonderful role model for everyone.  Oxygen Face Cream helps keep her skin beautiful.

Please go to my website to purchase http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com 

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This kit is a wonderful kit for acneic skin, teenagers and pregnant women.   The Oxygen Face Cream hydrates the skin and also kills the bacteria that causes breakouts.  Use as a mask or moisturizer.

Mild Scrub, exfolilates and polishes the skin, while helping to clean out the pores.

Vita A Kombi 3 small size is excellent to spot treat on blemishes.  The oxygen kills the bacteria.  It is also beneficial for pigmentation.  It helps to break up the dark pigmented areas on the skin.

Kits are discounted 10%.  When you purchase, apply Save in the discount code at checkout for an additional 10% off for purchases $50.00 and more.

To purchase, go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com


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