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Dr. Paul Herzog, the son of a Swiss diplomat and Austrian mother, studied firstly in Bucharest then in Vienna on the eve of World War II.

In 1948, he worked to counter the poliomyelitis epidemic. The disease played havoc. The virus attacked the lungs and sufferers died of asphyxiation while helpless physicians could only stand by and watch. For Dr. Paul Herzog, this was the opportunity to show his inventive genius. Working with Professor Clarence Crafoord, he created an apparatus which compensates for any deficiency in the respiratory system. It was now possible to nurse those patients who were infected.

Because in between time, Dr. Paul Herzog had developed an additional system to analyse the composition of the air inhaled and exhaled by people according to their age and constitution, in such a way as to reproduce this air during operations conducted under narcosis. All these many inventions earned him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa awarded by the Nobel Institute.


In the service of cosmetologyDr. Paul Herzog and others before him were aware of the fact that nascent oxygen is the best disinfectant. Unfortunately, this is a volatile element that cannot be preserved in a cream or any other equivalent substance.

When Dr. Paul Herzog began to study the problem, physicians had already been trying to fix oxygen for more than half a century. His wife Karin helped him in his work. One day, while testing the effect of oxygen on skin, his wife Karin, who was a beautician, exclaimed: “But this is exactly what I need !”.

It was in fact a dual discovery. Firstly, Dr. Paul Herzog succeeded in stabilizing oxygen, in fixing it inside a cream. Secondly, this oxygen, contained in the emulsion in liquid form, was released in gas form when coming into contact with skin and caused a form of pressure, i.e. a mechanical effect which literally injected oxygen beneath the skin.

Eight years of research… reach fruition


 Eight years of research… reach fruitionFor its inventor, the advantage of this formula was obvious: the same emulsion is suitable for every type of skin inasmuch as the action of oxygen normalizes the functions of the epidermis. Once these functions are restored, it is simply a question of giving skin the vitamins and substances that are indispensable for its proper balance.

Dr. Paul Herzog created his own range of products based on emulsion with oxygen. He tested it at length, firstly in a clinic in Stockholm. Encouraged by the results, Paul and Karin Herzog decided to open a Beauty Institute on the shores of Lake Geneva. The enthusiasm and loyalty of several thousands of treated customers prompted the couple to market their skincare line internationally. It carries the name of “Karin Herzog”.

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