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Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi Facial Oil  is a light hydrating oil that can go under any of the creams or masks. This oil, with a high concentration of vitamin A, vitamin E, avocado oil and sesame oil is wonderfully nourishing for the skin and ideal for using before the Vita A Kombi creams during the winter, on dry skin. Also good under the Vitamin H cream.

For your skin to produce its very own collagen, and so provide optimum results on fine lines and wrinkles, it needs many basic raw materials. Importantly it needs energy to stimulate the entire process, which it gets from our Oxygen products, But additionally it needs lashings of vitamins, especially vitamin A.

This unique light and advanced oil, contains concentrated vitamins A and E: Wonderfully beneficial food for the skin. This oil allows you to deliver essential vitamins exactly where you want them on targeted areas, ensuring advanced results. Additionally, this oil has a calming, soothing and softening effect on dry, flaky or traumatized damaged skin.

Applied underneath the Oxygen formulas to ensure the deep transportation of the raw vitamins, this oil has therapeutic and healing qualities that shine through as radiant, luminous, firm, soft skin.  

To purchase this product, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Karin Herzog Facial Oil

Karin Herzog Facial Oil


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