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One thing that makes me crazy as an esthetician is people that do not care for their hands.   I give a hand massage during my facials, and you would be surprised how many women that let their hands become dry, rough, and almost untouchable.  Men, you are included in this also.

There is no reason your hands should feel like this. Even if you work hard daily and your hands take a beating.  There is hope.  Picture your spouse or loved on holding your hand.  Are they going to remark, that your hand feels soft, or are they going to think that your hands are a turn off.

One of the best products in the world is Karin Herzog 3% Body Cream.  This will heal your skin , hydrate it and make the skin soft.  Plus it kills the bacteria.  All this in one cream.  Great for back acne also.

Karin Herzog Hand and Nail Cream. This will hydrate the hand and nail area.   Add a little Karin Herzog Vita A  Kombi Facial Oil and for sure you will have hydrated hands.

The nice thing about these products, is the cream will stay with you all day.  They penetrate and do not rub off.  No need to apply throughout the day.  Morning and Night are all you need.

To purchase these products or for more information, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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