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Karin Herzog has some excellent products for pregnant women.  When you are pregnant your hormones can go a little crazy.   You might have breakouts when you have never had them before.  Also, you may get what they call the mask of pregnancy.   Pigmentation on the face in certain areas. 

Physicians tell most of their pregnant patients not to use Vitamin A while pregnant.  The Oxygen Face Cream is an excellent choice since there is no vitamin A.  The vitamin A in most of the Karin Herzog products is minimal, so there should not be a problem if you do use any of them.

Oxygen Face Cream is Emulsion and Oxygen.  It is very hydrating on the skin, plus the oxygen will kill any bacteria that causes breakouts.   The Oxygen Face Cream has been mentioned in Fit N Pregnancy Magazine as an excellent product to use.

I have a kit for teenagers and pregnant women.  You may either purchase the Cleansing Milk or the Professional Cleansing Cream, the Oxygen Face Cream and the Mild Scrub.  These products will keep your skin nice throughout your pregnancy.  It will protect you from clogged pores and breakouts in safe way.

All pregnant women are beautiful, but you want to look your very best.  The kit is discounted 10% and there is an additional 10% at checkout if you use the discount code Save

To purchase these products, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Pregnant Women Kit

Pregnant Women Kit



I would also wear sunscreen to help combat pigmentation.


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