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Karin Herzog Body Shimmer

Karin Herzog Body Shimmer

Karin Herzog Body Shimmer for  the summer and anytime.

Apply Body Shimmer to all the body parts you wish to moisturize, nourish and sparkle. Gold makes your body beautiful. Your body cream shines with efficiency. “Body Shimmer” combines glamour and effectiveness.

Olive Oil and Titanium Dioxide (shimmering element) Clove brings its beneficial antiseptic effect. It tones efficiently the body skin. Tangerine has a lovely relaxing effect, softens the skin and regulates naturally the corporal smells.

The fragrance is lovely. Apply it over your self tanner to give it that added sparkle. The specks beautify your body. One of my favorite products.  The Fragrance is divine.  You will find yourself enjoying the fragrance your skin is emitting to others.

You may purchase this product on my website. http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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